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Our company is developing software for drones, programming artificial intelligence, developing designs, separate modules for unmanned vehicles and their control, and autonomous charging stations.

Progress and future

With our work we want to bring the future in which we believe. That is what all our efforts are directed to.

Honesty and fairness

If there is no trust, then you can not rely. If you can not rely, you can not have to work and work together. It is important for us to work in a single team, to trust each other completely.

Interest and commitment

Our desires are driven either by instincts or interest. Our company is about the second. It is necessary to do what is interesting. And do it completely, plunging headlong.

How it Works

Our company opens up the possibility of investing in a revolutionary future absolutely for everyone. Now everyone from anywhere in the world will be able to contribute to the development of new technologies and this will require only the Internet and any gadget!

Where will the money of investors go?

This question probably interests every investor. Where? For what? What are they going to do?
The assets of our company are divided into several industries:

  • Developing software
  • Programming artificial intelligence
  • Developing designs
  • Separate modules for unmanned vehicles and their control
  • Autonomous charging stations

How will drones affect the future?

Nowadays, drones are already successfully working to solve many problems in various industries.


for express delivery of parcels, as well as for agricultural needs
Pulse Inner


for surveillance, reconnaissance and dropping bombs
Pulse Inner


they help control the area and ensure safety
Pulse Inner


are drones of the future. They are being developed at NASA to search and collect soil samples on other planets.
Pulse Inner

Investments plans

Our team offers several investment offers.


  • From 10$ to 500$ - 5%
    For 35 days
  • From 501$ to 5000$ - 7%
    For 30 days
  • From 5001$ to 50000$ - 10%
    For 25 days
  • Daily withdrawal
  • Instant payments


%0.3 /Hourly
  • From 1000$ to 50000$ - 0.3%
    For 30 days
  • Hourly withdrawal
  • Instant payments

Profit booster

%145 / After 5 days
  • From 10$ to 50000$ - 145%
    After 5 days
  • Deposit only from account balance
  • Instant payments
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